Myths of ICT4D: The Series

The Jester’s alter ego has recently been giving a talk called the “Ten Myths of ICT4D“.

The myths are persistent beliefs and underlying assumptions that occur in ICT4D. Some are a part of the explicit rhetoric of ICT4D and technology for global development, in general. Others are more subtle, in that they are believed implicitly, but without being questioned.

Starting with the next post, the Jester will discuss these myths. The presentation on which they are based: Ten Myths of ICT4D.

3 Responses to “Myths of ICT4D: The Series”

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  2. Katrin Says:

    Dearest Jester – it seems the link to your Ten ICT Myths has expired. However, this reader is dying to read the post/presentation. Could you fix the link?


    A Fan.

  3. Jester Says:

    Sorry, Katrin! It looks like the Jester’s lease on his previous employer’s website has been terminated! The new link is here: Ten Myths of ICT4D.

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