Q&A with the Jester!

The Jester and his alter ego receive an intermittent stream of questions soliciting free advice about ICT4D projects. Most are too far gone for effective recommendations; the questioner has already committed to using ICT to address a deep development problem, akin to tying both hands behind one’s back before a piano competition.

The Jester’s alter ego is similarly hamstrung in responding to these requests, since his superego commits him to diplomatic, constructive ¬†responses (or at least, attempts at such) that wouldn’t thoroughly discourage¬†idealistic folk who still believe there is a shortcut to meaningful development.

Luckily, the Jester himself can be as obnoxious as he wants to be! In this series of posts, the Jester paraphrases requests for ICT4D advice wherever he may find them, and responds to them as he pleases. Woo hoo!

Questions? Send them to the Jester! The Jester promises to remove all personally identifying information prior to making fun of you.

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