ICT4D Mad Lib!

The Jester’s biggest fan, Nicholas Negroponte, was on the Colbert Report a couple of days ago. (Incidentally, the Jester’s alter ego will be sparring with Negroponte in Cambridge, MA on Dec. 2, at an Ideas Matter event put on by the Boston Review and MIT. The Jester has already reserved on-stage seating for himself.) The combination of Negroponte’s broken-record rhetoric and Colbert’s heckling inspired… 

The ICT4D Mad Lib! What better way to encapsulate the mindless fill-in-the-blank style of technological determinists? For best effect, have someone else prompt you for each blank, have them record your responses, and read out the completed work only after all blanks are accounted for.



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  1. ICTD Peasantry Says:

    Each year, over a lakh of people in the world suffer from a lack of opportunity and recognition of their traditional knowledge and innovation systems . Although many smart MIT and Intel researchers have tried ingenious solutions to the problem, none of them are as smart as we are. Our project is called One Research Report per Person and it uses the buzz-killing power of this emerging technology to handle challenges with deficiencies in job tenure and self-praise that have plagued previous solutions. In bulk purchases, our solution will cost 3 million rupees per paper, not including the costs of disseminating poor research results, effects of overpromising things to communities , setting priorities that were not driven by the stakeholders, basing wide conclusions on constraints and assumptions that dismiss structural economic and power relations, taking country examples and generalizing them to the rest of the world, and simply striking down any alternative thinking. Although we have fragile insecurity in our hearts, our minds are as tough as day old idli. We measure number of devices by their page count, and will stop only when we get tenure or Mr. Gates sees that we are using MSR’s research funding to set an agenda rather than facilitate one. This is not a technology project, but a guaranteed tenure track that will bring security to all those who feel that our divine papers can solve problems around the world. We can’t do this without your help however – actually we can! All donations will go to our per-diem travel expenses and not to ensuring that our sample justifies our hypothesis (we already have a budget for that). We accept payment in letters of praise, appointments to committees, panel discussion invites and fresh dosa.

  2. Mike Says:

    Do you know if the 2 December ‘Ideas Matter’ event will be available via YouTube (podcast, etc.) for those of us not in Cambridge? If so, you could please post a link if/when you do a follow-up post? Thanks!

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