It’s not at all clear what the eventual fallout will be from the US State Department documents leaked to WikiLeaks. At this point, there are only minor things the Jester can really say:

  1. Boy, someone’s intent got magnified!
  2. WikiLeaks was both shrewd and cowardly to release the material first to the world’s major news outlets. This way, they don’t have to bear the brunt of any criticism, yet they can take credit for the scoop.
  3. The US Government might finally learn a lesson that most of us have mostly learned about e-mail: Be tactful, even in private, because you never you what will be forwarded.

As for the rest, it’s always hard to know how everyone will feel when they wake up in the morning, after a big secret is unintentionally let out. Will it clear the air and reset global diplomacy? Or, will it kill American diplomacy with a thousand cuts as everyone witholds the most sensitive information? And, this was perhaps 251,000 secrets.

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